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Find love through volunteering

 Gina Cookie and David Miller

On Valentine's Day most people's thoughts turn to love, and many people go online looking to find the one. Gina Cookie and David Miller found true love while volunteering as first aiders with St John Ambulance. Their love story was featured in today’s Guardian.

Gina and David met in February 2009 when they both started volunteering at the Highgate unit, after moving to London. Gina often saw David at training courses and public events, and she asked him if he’d fancy a drink.

Gina said the qualities of a volunteer are attractive in a partner, such as patience, eagerness to learn and drive to go beyond the call of duty.

‘When you volunteer alongside someone you get to see another side than the anxious, dressed-up person who turns up on a first date,’ she said.

Gina says the volunteering experiences the two shared are something to fondly look back on – even if it isn’t always romantic. ‘We both vividly recall running a first aid room with a procession of revellers,’ she recalls.

The pair have dated for four and a half years and are getting married this summer.

Both Gina and David have a long volunteering history together and separately. She was in involved in the charity’s Badger and Cadet youth programmes in Leicestershire, before relocating to London to pursue her nursing career.  David started volunteering with through the York LINKS programmes for students in higher education. He then transferred to his hometown unit in Watford for three years before becoming unit manager (service delivery) in London.

The couple still values their volunteering time together. How romantic!