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Cadet Matty puts first aid skills into practice

 Cadet Matty McLean puts his first aid skills into action

14-year-old is the difference for seriously injured pedestrian

Cannock Cadet, Matty McLean, didn’t hesitate to put his first aid skills into action when he realised a man needed urgent first aid.

Matty and mum Jenny were among the first people at the scene of an accident in Hednesford Road on New Year’s Eve when they came across the man who had been hit while crossing the road. He had been propelled across the top of the car and suffered serious injuries.


An off duty medic was first on the scene and Matty worked with him as he performed a primary survey and treated the pedestrian. Matty got down on his hands and knees and held the injured man’s head as he has been trained.

Matty stayed with the injured man until the response team came and helped to put a collar on him, keeping his head in place, as the man was having difficulty breathing and had multiple injuries.

It is believed that the man had multiple fractures to his pelvis and lower body, punctured lungs and was due to spend several weeks in a hospital critical care unit.

Matty’s mum, Jenny, said: ‘As parents we would like to thank everyone at St John Ambulance for training Matty as he was able to attend to the person. He had no hesitation in what he did.’

Phil Kinghorn, Regional Youth Manager, said: 'I am very proud of Matty and the mature way that he reacted to this accident. He undoubtedly helped to make a real difference in this potentially life threatening scenario.’

(Picture of Matty McLean, courtesy of The Express and The Star)