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Safety Suit film launch pokes fun at cotton wool culture

Boy in Safety Suit stuck up tree

Children across the country will be jumping for joy today as the vast majority of schools shut their gates for the summer holidays.

But with new research revealing that nearly half of mums (43%) would be unlikely to let their children go on a cycle ride with friends, this excitement may be short-lived.

Urging parents to act

To help change this, today we are launching our spoof film ‘Safety Suit’ to urge millions of parents across the country not to wrap their children in cotton wool this summer, but to learn first aid instead.

According to our research, most parents (98%) think learning first aid is important but only 51% have actually done anything about learning it.

We want to make it as simple and easy as possible for every parent to learn first aid so they have the skills and the confidence to act if their children’s adventurous activities end up in tears.

Simple steps to learn first aid

Our CEO, Sue Killen, said: ‘Safety Suit is a funny film with a serious message: you don’t need to wrap your children in cotton wool to protect them.

‘Parents who learn first aid gain the peace of mind to let their children enjoy everything childhood has to offer, as well as the knowledge to look after them, whatever happens.

‘Young people should be able to enjoy an exciting, carefree summer – just taking a few minutes to learn some skills on our website will help make that a reality.’

To quickly learn the basic skills to keep your children safe this summer, visit our Safety Suit resource page, where you will find first aid advice videos, downloadable tips, and of course, our Safety Suit video.