St John Ambulance Cycle Response team first on scene for elite cyclist

St John Ambulance Cycle Response team

Two of our operational cyclists have proven just how effective our Cycle Response teams are by being the first on the scene at an accident involving an elite cyclist during the Nottingham Milk Race in May.

Josh Tolson and Ross Dykes, who form part of our Cycle Response unit, rushed to help Joe Giggins after he collided with a barrier. As a result of the collision Joe had been knocked unresponsive towards the start of the race.

With the help of their fully-equipped bikes, the pair were able to be at the scene in a matter of seconds, ensuring Joe had the immediate care he needed. They were followed by an off-duty doctor and East Midlands Ambulance Service paramedic Samantha Westwell.

Speaking of the crash, Josh said: ‘Our cycle response team was on the scene within seconds. Joe was unconscious when we first got to him and he was quite dazed afterwards. Due to the nature of his injuries, we wanted to maintain his airway whilst still protecting his neck. We ensured he had the immediate treatment he needed’.

On Sunday 8 June, Joe, who is now recovering well, was reunited with his lifesavers and stated, ‘I know that if it wasn’t for those cycle responders on the course I may have been a lot worse! I am very grateful to them and everyone that helped me.’

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