Everyday heroes to be protected from legal action

First aider giving CPR

The Queen announced a new Good Samaritan Bill that will protect people who give first aid from legal action as of today. The hope is that the new law will prevent those people who were too afraid in the past of making a mistake when helping a stranger in need of first aid.

Whilst the bill is a great way of ensuring that those who do good are legally protected, by ensuring every child has the opportunity to learn first aid at school, we can build a nation of individuals who have the skills as well as confidence to save a life.

Sue Killen, Chief Executive of St John Ambulance, said: 'We're pleased the Government is taking steps to ensure everyday heroes are protected. First aid saves lives, yet our research has shown that people can be afraid of using first aid in an emergency for fear of being sued.

'A Good Samaritan's Act, however, is only the start. If the Government wants to encourage everyday people to be life-savers, they must ensure more people are learning this vital skill. We're calling on the Government to ensure every child learns first aid at school, in order to create the next generation of life-savers.'

Fittingly, one of the Queen’s pageboys collapsed just as the Queen was about to announce the bill encouraging people to be an everyday hero. This is just one example of how emergencies can happen at any time. Luckily for the boy there were a number of trained first aiders nearby, but not everyone is as lucky, which is why we’re calling on the government to ensure all children are taught first aid in schools.