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Our volunteer scoops Pearson Silver Teaching Award

 john andrews

16 May 2014

Congratulations to our long-time volunteer, John Andrews, who has scooped a Silver Teaching Award in the prestigious Pearson Teaching Awards competition.

John was nominated by his students at Featherstone High School in Southall, where he teaches Health and Social Care. He was awarded the prize for making sure that his students have the chance to learn first aid -  even though it’s not in the national curriculum. Each year, Mr Andrews gives over 200 Year Nine students the confidence to save someone’s life.

"I think every child should be taught life saving skills,’ he said. ‘It's so rewarding when my students tell me ‘Sir, I saved my little brother’s life yesterday after he was choking’, or ‘I phoned an ambulance and made sure the person stayed still until an ambulance came’."

John has been an champion for first aid skills since he was a 10 years old. He first joined our Cadet programme in Belfast, where he learnt his first aid skills. He later trained as a nurse and then became a teacher. All along the way, John has continued to volunteer with us at public events to ensure no one suffers for a lack of first aid.

He was presented his award by editor and broadcaster Ian Hislop. John is one of 55 Silver Award winners to be chosen from 20,000 exceptional teachers that were nominated. In October he will attend the award finals, were 10 teachers will receive the top Gold Award.

First aid in the classroom

If you are a teacher, like John, and would like to bring first aid into your classroom we can help you. We know how busy a school day is and that's why we offer a flexible, bespoke programme called Student first aid, for both primary and secondary students.

We can give your students a front row seat to first aid on Friday, 20 June at 2pm. We’re hosting our first ever Big First Aid Lesson – it’s a free, one-hour, online first aid lesson streaming to 1,000 schools around the country.