This Christmas - send cards that save lives

 First aid volunteers at football

With only ten weeks until Christmas, you can now send fantastic personalised Christmas cards to friends and family whilst raising vital funds to help us save lives.

Thanks to our collaboration with GivingCards, all you need to do is visit our St John Ambulance Giving Cards website and every card you buy will generate a minimum 20p donation to St John Ambulance.

You’ll love how easy it is to create your own Christmas cards, and, with the ability to upload your own photos, you can quickly make personal designs that friends and family will treasure.

Design your own card

Design, personalise and post – it’s as easy as that!

Just go to our Giving Cards website and you’ll find there’s a whole range of fully customisable card designs, with four million images to choose from, or you can upload your own.

You can design and post a card to an individual, or send all your Christmas cards at once – with each one personalised how you want it.

The website also offers other greeting cards and invitations for all occasions. Each card will have our St John Ambulance logo on the back too, so - whether you’re sending a card to say happy birthday or creating a stylish invitation to your big day - you can promote and support our work at the same time.

How your card helps

For every card you buy, we’ll receive 10p plus 10% of the cost (excluding postage), with a minimum donation of 20p.  So if you buy one card for £2.00 (excluding postage) – then we’ll get 30p. Or if you send 70 Christmas cards for £100 (excluding postage) – then we’ll get £17.

Every penny we get from your cards will help us teach more people first aid, so that they can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

So why not send cards that do something amazing this Christmas, and tell your family and friends about this great way to create beautiful personalised cards so they can help us save lives too?