National Volunteers' Week blog – Anton Cornibert

As part of National Volunteers' Week, we're publishing blogs about volunteering with St John Ambulance. Today, we talk to National Cadet of the Year, Anton Cornibert.

Anton Cornibert

How does it feel being National Cadet of the Year?

It is mind-blowing to be the representative for all the hardworking, determined and passionate Cadets from around the country. Even now, it’s still sinking in!

When did you decide to join St John Ambulance Cadets?

I joined St John Ambulance after attending an Essential First Aid course for the public around a year ago. It’s crazy to think in my relatively short time as a Cadet I have achieved so much.

What do you enjoy most about St John Ambulance Cadets?

I’ve been able to volunteer in many different roles for St John Ambulance, including being in charge of the radio at Chelsea football stadium. I never thought I would be able to take part in so many different roles that require so much responsibility at such a young age.

I completed my Peer Education course last year and have really enjoyed teaching other Cadets life saving skills. It’s humbling teaching a first aid skill to Cadets and seeing them using this skill to assist casualties at events.

Has being a St John Ambulance Cadet helped you in your future career?

Youth Leaders have been very supportive and I’m lucky to be constantly challenged in areas where I can develop new skills, such as leadership. Joining St John Ambulance has helped me decide on my future career goal of training to become a paramedic, as I have enjoyed learning first aid so much!

What would you say to other young people who are thinking about joining?

I’d encourage all young people to give St John Ambulance Cadets a try. Who knows where it could lead - you too could be a future National Cadet of the Year!

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