The Pen That Lost His Lid - free picture e-book from St John Ambulance

St John Ambulance launches children’s picture e-book to celebrate 36 lives saved by first aid campaign, The Chokeables

The Pen The Lost His Lid e-book

We’ve launched a fun new e-book to help parents and children learn first aid together.

The free picture e-book, The Pen That Lost His Lid, has been released to celebrate the success of our recent campaign, The Chokeables, which has now been credited with saving the lives of 36 children.

In the picture e-book, which can be read with children aged 3-7, Pen desperately searches for his best friend Pen Lid, who seems to have disappeared.

He meets several characters from The Chokeables video on his journey, until he finds a baby who’s choking. Thankfully, the baby’s mum knows what to do - but we don’t want to spoil the ending, so you'll have to read it to find out what happens next.

The e-book is available to read and share for free. We’re hoping that as well as being entertaining for younger children, The Pen That Lost His Lid will help teach more people what to do in this kind of emergency.

Tamar Vellacot, 19, who saved her baby Emilie after seeing the video, said:

‘I know first-hand how terrifying it is to see your baby choke, but I’m so glad I remembered what to do from The Chokeables video. I have already downloaded a copy of The Pen That Lost His Lid to read to Emilie – it’s such a lovely picture e-book and it’s great that it teaches a skill too. I hope lots of parents download it and learn the same skill that I used to save Emilie’s life.’

‘I hope lots of parents download the e-book and learn the same skill that I used to save Emilie’s life’

The Chokeables is a 40 second ad that demonstrates how to save a choking baby. Since its launch on 11 January 2015, the 40-second video has been viewed online more than 7.7m times and on TV by nearly 30m people. It features the celebrity voices of David Walliams, Johnny Vegas, Sir John Hurt, and David Mitchell, who play a princess, a jelly baby, a peanut, and a pen lid, who have come together to teach people what to do if a baby is choking.

We created the campaign after new research* showed that 79% of parents did not know how to help a choking baby, despite 58% saying it was a major concern. 40% of parents reported seeing their baby choke.

Learn more about The Pen That Lost His Lid
Watch The Chokeables

*Research carried out in November 2014 by Opinion Matters on behalf of St John Ambulance. 4,000 parents in England surveyed.


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