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Five reasons to volunteer with St John Ambulance

It's National Volunteers' Week! Find out about volunteering with St John Ambulance

St John Ambulance volunteers1. Meet new people

'As a nurse, people often ask me why I do St John Ambulance at the weekend for free when I could do paid overtime at the hospital. I love meeting the new people and making lifelong friends. I love working in the new environments, I love broadening my horizons and enjoying concerts and sports that I wouldn't have thought to go to without St John Ambulance.

'I love always having something to look forward to, and I love getting out to explore my local area. I love being able to focus on what I went into nursing for - saving lives, watching people get better, and caring for people.

'Oh, and best of all, I met my boyfriend through St John Ambulance!' – Charlotte, Nurse

2. Learn new skills that can help with your career

‘When I was interviewing for my job, being able to show you give your time to something so positive was really valued by the interviewers. Being a volunteer trainer has definitely got me out of my comfort zone and helped build my confidence – after presenting in front of hundreds of people, not much can faze you!’ – Richard, First Aid Trainer

St John Ambulance volunteers at Wimbledon3. Be part of some great events

‘I started volunteering with St John Ambulance at the age of 13 - that was over 30 years ago! It gives me a great bunch of friends, a lot of useful skills, and the opportunity to get out and about and help people - whether at a local craft fair or the London Marathon!’ – Ann, Emergency Transport Attendant

4. Get new opportunities

‘St John Ambulance gives me opportunities that I wouldn't get if I were just doing overtime as a paramedic. I have had the pleasure of working with a group of amazing people. I have been there to support people in their time of need. I am also a youth leader which allows me to empower an amazing group of young people.’ – Tom, Area Manager, Paramedic and Youth Leader

Help your community - St John Ambulance volunteer helps patient5. Help your community, and be part of a great one

‘St John Ambulance has a family feel, and no matter what public event I have attended, everyone seems to recognise you. The absolute best part is getting a ‘thank you’ from relatives or the patient themselves.

'Being part of St John Ambulance is more that can be put into words, and thanks to St John Ambulance, I am now considering a career in Adult Nursing.’ – Dean, Unit Training Lead