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TV GP Dawn Harper stars in new first aid video course produced by Channel Mum and St John Ambulance

First aid course for mumsWe have joined forces with parenting site and TV GP Dr Dawn Harper to produce a brand new suite of baby and child first aid videos. The free-to-watch seven-video series includes expert tips from Dr Dawn and real life experiences from Channel Mum's parenting vloggers.

The release of the videos coincides with a new study from which shows that one in five (21%) mums and dads have had to give emergency first aid to a child, but of these, under a third (31%) felt confident treating the child. The same study showed that almost a quarter of parents (22%) do not have any baby or child first aid knowledge at all. As a result, the new videos focus on baby and child first aid with Dr Dawn demonstrating to parents easy to learn first aid techniques and explaining the signs and symptoms of common illnesses. The topics covered include: CPR, choking, meningitis and sepsis, allergies, burns, fevers, and seizures.