Pat Leadbeater from West Midlands

Pat Leadbeater, 1940sIn relation to first aid in the 1940s, I remember that all triangular bandages were finished off with a reef knot. You could quite easily fail your examination and need to re-sit the evening, if a reef knot was not used! The tails of the bandage had to be tucked tidily away in along the main bandage – no ‘rabbit’ ears showing.

Furthermore, we had full uniform inspections. Hands and nails, length of dress, the cross over of the apron must be right over left were all scrutinized.

Regardless of what we did or where we went, the full uniform was the order of the day including travelling to camp and back and this included our white ‘butterfly’ caps.

We went on to ambulance work and to this day I can remember the useless order in which to load a four stretcher ambulance. Most of us went on to be first aid trainers in the days of ‘sit down, sit up, speak up and speak when you’re spoken to’.West Midlands

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