Pauline Rowe from BerkshirePauline Rowe, 1940s

‘The duty I undertook regularly during WWII was on Saturday and Sunday at a convalescent home run by the local borough. This housed people who had recently had surgery or been ill in hospital and needed somewhere to stay other than their home. Reasons include domestic purposes or because they had been bombed out and had nowhere to return to. My duties involved serving meals and helping with the patients’ washing needs etc.

One Sunday afternoon I was left to serve tea. Shortly after, I was informed that another convalescent home had been bombed. The majority of patients were OK but they needed to be moved – I was left alone with aSouth East lot of work to do. The mobile patients all lent a hand and someone made sure all the bed patients were alright. We were not far off ready when the first policeman arrived and the staff who had no idea what was going on. All these arrangements took time so I left a lot later than usual.’

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