Graham Hattey from Berkshire

Graham Hattey, 1990sSouth EastI joined St John Ambulance as a Cadet, aged 10 years old. It was my father who had an influence on both myself and my brother joining as he and my mother had been involved and met through St John. Something that was to repeat itself as I met my wife, as did my brother through our involvement with the organisation.

In fact, St John Ambulance is a big part of my family. My great grandfather ran the Windsor Division and my father, myself and now my brother have all run the Maidenhead unit at various times. My father and I both hold Serving Brother awards. The future is also looking bright as my son is now a member of the local Badger unit at Maidenhead.

Through the years I have attended many events, competitions, courses etc. but one highlight is playing a part in the 1999 Royal Tournament, when St John Ambulance were celebrating 900 years of the Order. St John had one day during the last ever Royal Tournament to showcase 900 years and I walked on as a Knight on those early Crusades!’

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