Tim Everard from Sussex

Tim Everard, 1990sSouth East‘Around 20 to 25 years ago the Secretary General was responsible, under the Great Officers, for a general overview of most activities of the two foundations of the Order, the St John Opthalmic Hospital, Jerusalem and St John Ambulance. There were many inspiring and encouraging events, both for training and for operations.

I remember the St John Ambulance response to the official ambulance strike in the early 1990s when SJA answered thousand of emergency call-outs which earned us many congratulations.

The Hospital in Jerusalem faced its habitual problems with extraordinary courage and we were able to fund a new clinic in Gaza – which since its opening has treated up to 20,000 patients in a year.

‘We also had the exciting challenge of the "Over to you, John" campaign sponsored by Safeway. The target was £5,000,000, which was achieved.’


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