Andrew Black, St John Unit Leader from Shropshire

Andrew BlackWest Midlands‘I was on duty at a motocross event when I was summoned by a marshal waving his flag. I sensed there might be something quite serious to deal with. I climbed up a steep hill where I was faced with three bikes in a tangled mess.

Two of the riders were okay, but one was pinned down by another bike and was being strangled by his own helmet’s chinstrap. I reached through the tangle of bikes as I could see the rider was blue and unresponsive to my shouts. I used a pair of tuff cuts to cut through his chinstrap. Immediately the colour came back to his face and he began to come round. We treated him for possible spinal injuries and a fractured leg.

He was taken to hospital where he made a full recovery. There have been some key events which, had I not been trained in first aid and practised regularly, could have turned out very differently.’

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