David Shelton from Sussex

David Shelton, 2000sSouth East‘One major event was a call for volunteers to go to Australia in 2006 to work with the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

Another occasion was when I went to Guernsey for a week when I volunteered to help with first aid for their Island Games.

I was called several times as a first aider at work, and attended incidents in private life when the occasion arose. One was resuscitation where I used a defibrillator on a patient in a shopping mall. Another was when my colleague and I were called out from duty to a collapsed man who required instant resuscitation.

Whilst the paramedic applied CPR, I was quick to use a defibrillator that was supplied by the football club where this occurred. One shock was sufficient to assist in the man’s recovery until the emergency team arrived. This man has since had a bypass operation and is fit to travel back to the stadium and enjoy another match.’


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