Dr Amy Marshall from Cheshire

Dr Amy Marshall and Gareth Davies, 2000sNorth West‘On 5 May 2005, Gareth and I were following riders in the course ambulance at the Tabley House steeplechase event in Knutsford when we saw William Lloyd’s horse ‘Hijacked’ fall on the final jump of the race.

We were first to arrive at the incident and realised that William was being crushed and suffocated under the full weight of the horse. William was unconscious and had stopped breathing; we also suspected that his neck may have been broken.

Once the horse was removed, I held William’s head still and performed a jaw thrust to open his airway. He began to take faint breaths. Gareth and I helped paramedics transfer William to a spinal board and he was taken to hospital. Mercifully, the young jockey had only suffered internal bleeding and a fractured collar bone.

Amy Marshall and Gareth Davies were presented with the Vodafone Lifesaver award at a special ceremony held at the Savoy hotel, London in November 2005 by William and his family.’

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