James Lindley from Humberside

Robin MitchellNorth East‘My volunteers and I have been the difference on a few occasions. One in particular that sticks out in my mind was at a youth athletics event. After the 1500m race had finished, one of the girls sat down quite sharply and then slumped to one side holding her chest.

My team immediately went to investigate. She was having difficulties breathing and felt tightness in her chest. I asked an observer to call an ambulance while I talked to the girl and conducted assessments of her breathing and pulse rate.

The ambulance and Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV) were on scene within three minutes of the call and were able to rush her to hospital. Thankfully she was okay. The organiser for that event sent a letter of thanks to our CHQ. We have seen him at other events since then and he always comes up and thanks us for being there for her.’



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