Jean Slater from Derbyshire

Jean Slater, 2000sEast Midlands‘In 2002, I attended the Commonwealth Games in Manchester. I did a 12 hour shift at the City of Manchester stadium and we treated dozens of patients at the station I was at. I remember one of the security staff burnt his foot at home and came to see us the next day for first aid.

At Princess Diana’s funeral I was at a first aid post and the atmosphere was like a celebration of her life. At the funeral we had no patients. When they announced that the procession was on its way there was an eerie silence; scary but exciting. It was a very special event.

I also delivered a baby when I was 16 and had only just finished my first aid certificate!

It has been amazing to see such historic events in my lifetime. I am just over half a century myself and have attended the Commonwealth Games and two royal events.’


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