Sarah Dawson from Oxfordshire

Sarah Dawson, 2000sSouth East‘Since 2005 I have volunteered to undertake private patient transport work and A and E support work for South Central Ambulance Service, through St John Ambulance on Christmas Day every other year.

In the first year, we transported an elderly lady from her residential care home in a village to her daughter’s house so she could have Christmas dinner with her family. The family could not afford to pay Christmas Day rates for a wheelchair adapted taxi and were pleased when SJA Oxfordshire offered our service for no charge.

During the journey, the lady held tightly to a teddy bear. It was an emotional reunion for the family, particularly as it was the first time our patient would meet her great granddaughter. It became apparent that the cuddly toy was for the baby.

The best moment for me was seeing the smiles and tears of happiness on the family’s faces when they saw their Granny being wheeled down the ramp of our ambulance.’

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