Equality and diversity

At St John Ambulance, we recognise the strength that diversity brings to our work. We welcome volunteers and service users from any socio-economic background, sexuality, ethnicity, gender, age, disability status, religion or belief.

Each of our volunteers and employees brings a unique perspective and experience to their role. We celebrate this and are committed to creating an equal and inclusive environment within St John Ambulance. We know that this is vital to creating a strong organisation, and making your volunteering experience enjoyable and rewarding.

We aim to reflect the diversity of the communities we support, both on a local and national level.

‘Back in 2012, a major deterioration in my vision meant my volunteer role had to change. Despite my vision loss I wanted to carry on being a first aid trainer, and now I volunteer as an area training specialist. I love being part of the training team, and knowing that I personally help volunteers to develop in their roles. By working alongside me, other volunteers can see that having a disability is not a barrier within the organisation.’ – Carol Trigg, St John Ambulance Trainer

Supporting you

We believe in challenging discrimination at every level of our organisation, whether it involves volunteers, employees or service users. If you experience discrimination while volunteering for us, your line manager can help you to resolve it. If the situation cannot be resolved informally, you can submit a complaint through our grievance procedure.

We will take all complaints seriously.

All staff and volunteers are committed to upholding our policy of equality, inclusion and diversity.