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Badgers (ages 7-10)

Our Badger setts are all about fun, adventure, and learning first aid.

Being a Badger

Anyone aged 7-10 can join a Badger Sett, these are after-school clubs which operate across England. Badgers usually meet once a week for around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Badgers take part in fun activities for different subjects, earning badges and certificates for each one. For every three subjects a Badger completes, they can receive a bronze, silver, or gold award.

Badgers can:

  • • learn first aid
  • • make new friends
  • • get creative with arts and crafts
  • • find out how the body works and how to stay healthy
  • • learn about helping their local community
  • • take part in team games
  • • develop leadership and communication skills, and much more!

Find out more about Badger activities.

Are you interested in joining Badgers? Contact our regional offices to find your nearest unit today.

Find your nearest Badger Sett

To get involved, contact our regional offices to find your nearest Badger Sett.

Too old to join Badgers? Why not join Cadets instead?

St John Ambulance charges an annual subscription to cover the costs of supporting its young people. These include, among other things, leader training, equipment, certificates and badges. Financial assistance is also available.

For more information, read our information for parents.


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Badger activities

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Badger activities

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