Grand Prior Award

At each stage of the Cadet programme you will be awarded a certificate and a badge to wear on your Cadet uniform.

The Membership Award is the first step a Cadet takes towards joining St John Ambulance and gives an understanding and a taste of what being a Cadet is all about, before you fully join the Cadet unit. Badgers joining Cadets will already have this through their Follow-Me Badger Award.

Award stages

After completing eight Cadet subjects you receive your bronze award, a further eight subjects your silver award, four additional subjects your gold award, and four more to receive your Grand Prior Award.

Open to all

Each subject in the Grand Prior Award scheme is also pitched at three levels of attainment so that everyone can participate at their own level.

Enrolment and the Code of Chivalry

All new members are enrolled into Cadets during an enrolment ceremony. They swear to follow The Cadet Code of Chivalry, which is based around the mottos of the Order of St John and covers what it means to be a St John Cadet: 

  • To serve God
  • To be loyal to the Queen and to my officers
  • To observe the Mottoes of the Order.

Which are:

“Pro Fide” and “Pro Utilitate Hominum”.
For the Faith and in the Service of Humanity

  • To be thorough in work and play
  • To help the suffering and needy
  • To be kind to all animals
  • To be cheerful and prompt in all I do
  • To be truthful and just in all things.

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