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The Big First Aid Lesson

Students learn first aid skills

The Big First Aid Lesson is our free online first aid session, streamed live into school classrooms across England.

Launched in 2014, the event was a big success, with 32,384 students taking part and learning life saving first aid skills.

By streaming our first aid lesson straight into the classroom, thousands of children were able to learn first aid skills for free, without leaving their desks, so they know what to do if a classmate, friend or family member needs help.

As well as watching the lesson live on screen, our interactive programme gave them the chance to hear amazing real life stories, ask questions and talk to our expert panel of peer to peer educators.

If you missed out, don't worry - you can watch the Big First Aid Lesson 2014 here:

Safety suit campaign video

We’re looking forward to reaching even more schools in next year’s lesson on Friday 12 June 2015. Registration for schools to take part will launch in February 2015, so watch this space for more details, and if you have any questions meanwhile you can get in touch with our team on 0207 324 4266.

Bringing first aid to the classroom

We believe that first aid should be as much a part of growing up as learning to cross the road.

97% of teachers think learning first aid is important, but because first aid isn’t compulsory on the National Curriculum, only 21% are able to offer first aid training in their schools.

That's why we went the extra mile to make teaching these skills as easy as possible.