We take a 3 step approach to support all our learners

Career development and personal development go hand-in-hand, so all of our apprentices have access to specialist wellbeing support throughout their apprenticeship training. With this extra support, all our apprentices can fully engage and enjoy their learning, fulfil their potential, boost their productivity, and be real assets to their employer.

  1. Identifying hidden learning needs

    As part of their welcome and on-boarding process, all apprenticeships undertake a short, online assessment on the Cognassist platform. This assessment can identify any hidden learning needs and suggest the additional support might be helpful to the learner. This personalised support package will be available to the learner throughout their apprenticeship. By offering the right support from day one, we hope to boost apprentices’ confidence and attainment, and improve apprenticeship retention rates. For more information about the Cognassist assessment, see the Cognassist website.

  2. Ongoing Support throughout the apprenticeship

    All apprenticeships have access to Right Steps’ digital platform which has self-guided wellbeing resources which provide evidence-based online support (very similar to an Employee Assistance Programme). All content has been developed by clinical psychologists, and encourages apprentices to take a positive, proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing. For more information, see the Right Steps website.

  3. Resilience training courses

    All our apprentices will attend our ‘Resilient You’ Course or the ‘Resilient Manager’ course, depending on their apprenticeship programme.

    • Resilient You course

    This one day course educates and empowers individuals to take ownership of their own resilience and wellbeing. It teaches individuals what resilience is and how to build and maximise their own, whilst reducing their risk of burnout and illness. Find out more about this course.

    • Resilient Manager course

    This one day course gives managers the tools and skills to effectively build and support the resilience and wellbeing of their teams. Managers will learn to recognise the early warning signs of poor physical and mental health and proactively support themselves and individuals who may need assistance. The course enables managers to create a positive wellbeing culture in the workplace that allows mangers and their teams to thrive at work. Find out more about this course.

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