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Hero Parent of the Year 2017

Alex McHugh - WINNER

Mum saved baby's life following Nursery Rhymes Inc video

Mum Alex McHugh, saved her son Joel’s life after he stopped breathing at just seven weeks old when the family were getting into the car after the school run. Despite being panicked, the quick-thinking mum rushed to a close-by shop and one of the customers helped her to lie him on the floor, and then she performed CPR until the ambulance arrived, saving his life. Alex only knew what to do after she had seen the St John Ambulance Nursery Rhymes Inc video which teaches CPR, just a day prior to the incident. The terrifying incident came after Joel was diagnosed with CCAM (congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation), a foetal lung lesion which required antenatal surgery, as well as high risk surgery at three days old to remove most of his left lung.

Gareth Morris

Father saved baby's life

After a day out with their children, dad Gareth jumped into action as their 10-month-old baby turned blue and stiff as she choked on her food. After hitting little Apryl on her back repeatedly, the blockage was dislodged. At first it didn't seem to be doing anything, but then the last bit of food came out. Gareth and his partner took Apryl to the hospital and ensured she was OK after her ordeal, with doctors confirming she had no injuries from the shocking incident thanks to her dad's quick thinking.

Kayleigh Porter

Mum saved baby's life after choking on a coin

Mum Kayleigh Porter, 28, was terrified when her daughter Skyla, who is just over a year old, started foaming at the mouth and throwing up bile. Frantic and unaware her child had swallowed a penny, Kayleigh slapped Skyla on the back, stopping her from choking before paramedics arrived at their home. It transpired that when Kayleigh slapped Skyla on the back, she dislodged the coin so that her airway was passable, meaning her daughter could breathe. Skyla was then taken into surgery and put to sleep so that the coin could be removed.

Sarah Jones

Mum saves choking child – just days after completing first aid course

A mum saved her choking daughter's life thanks to a first aid course she completed a little over a week earlier. The drama unfolded when five-year-old Poppy was having chips for supper with her father. Her mother Sarah Jones, 32, was in the kitchen when she heard him shout for help. She ran into the lounge and found Poppy making gasping noises. Sarah had learnt what to do in the event of choking during a St John Ambulance first aid course, earlier in the month. The first aid trainer demonstrated what to do when dealing with a choking incident using an example from 2015, when he saved his own seven-year-old daughter from choking on a boiled sweet. Sarah knew exactly what to do and saved Poppy's life.

Chloe Cook

Welsh mum becomes hero

Chloe's 12-months-old daughter Lilly, had not been too well and Chloe had contacted the hospital to see if she could get an emergency appointment. That evening Lilly began having a seizure, so Chloe kept calm, remembered her first aid and made sure the area was safe, however Lilly rapidly became unresponsive and Chloe had to carry out CPR. She advised the child minder to call for an ambulance and thankfully her daughter came round and was taken to hospital, where she made a full recovery.

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