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Workplace Hero Award 2017

Mark Goatcher - WINNER

School hero uses CPR to save pupil

Mark was called to a pupil who was unresponsive and not breathing. Mark began to deliver CPR, whilst another member of staff called 999. The paramedics arrived and continued CPR before the pupil was transported to hospital where he spent some time in an Intensive Care Unit. He has recently been discharged from hospital following extensive cardiac surgery, where he had a pacemaker fitted and is now on the road to recovery with the hope of returning to school soon, thanks to Mark's quick response and first aid skills.

Margaret Persaud

Teaching assistant saves boy from choking on dinner money

Margaret had escorted the class from the playground at the end of lunch and sat the children down ready for registration. While she was taking the register, she noticed one little boy struggling to breath and changing colour. She rushed to the child who was choking and stood him up. She tried clearing the blockage with back thrusts but this did not work and in the end used abdominal thrusts. To her surprise a coin, from his dinner money, flew out. At the time she didn’t think much of it. After the child had left the school she was feeling shaken as it could so easily have been a completely different ending had she not had life saving skills.

Callum Cherry

Store manager saves little boy choking on popcorn

Callum Cherry saved the life of a six year old boy after he removed a piece of popcorn lodged in his throat. Callum was on a break outside the store when he saw Lucas Laghari choking. He ran over to the boy and gave back slaps to help dislodge the popcorn. An ambulance was called and the boy was taken to hospital. The boy’s parents have credited him with saving their son’s life.

Hannah Taplin

Heroine spotted stroke signs and saved life of customer

Hannah Taplin saved the life of a customer who began having a stroke in the pub she works in. Mr Falwasser was a regular customer and had driven to The White Hart pub following a stay in hospital. When his face began to droop on one side, Hannah noticed straight away and called an ambulance. She organised her colleagues to make him as comfortable as possible until paramedics arrived. His specialist stated that without her prompt diagnosis and action he would not have survived.

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'I hope their stories will inspire many others to volunteer, learn new skills, and be confident to help when it really matters.'

Rev Richard Coles 2019


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