Set of 6 Stifneck Extrication Collars

Set of 6 Stifneck Collars

Set of 6 Stifneck Extrication Collars

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About this product

  • Single piece construction so collar is always ready for use
  • An oversized tracheal opening enables the carotid pulse to be easily monitored
  • Collars are colour coded according to size for easy identification
  • Set of six collars containing Tall, Regular, Short, No Neck, Paediatric and Baby No Neck
  • Includes a carry bag.


  • Tall Stifneck Collar
  • Regular Stifneck Collar
  • Short Stifneck Collar
  • No Neck Stifneck Collar
  • Paediatric Stifneck Collar
  • Baby No Neck Stifneck Collar
  • Carry bag

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