How your support can make a difference

£100 could help us urgently upskill and train volunteers.

Your support could help our many volunteers who need additional training in order to work safely with patients in ambulances, hospitals and in communities during this national emergency. You could also help us to train new volunteers and fast-track them through tailored training courses and continue this work long term.

Volunteer at Notting Hill Carnival helping a member of the public

£500 could support our volunteer operations to make sure they can respond quickly.

In this urgent crisis your support could be the difference between a life lost and a life saved. With your help we can make sure our volunteers and staff are connected at all times and are able to respond quickly to a fast-moving situation. 

St John Ambulance team member transporting patient

£1,000+ will support the future of St John Ambulance’s work through COVID-19 and beyond.

Our role in communities and across the country has never been more vital and with your help we will save lives. Your support will enable us to continue to be the nation’s leading community health and first aid charity.

Cadet trainee first aider helping patient

Donate today to save lives together

Right now St John is stepping forward with thousands of volunteers. We need your support now more than ever.