Family fundraising ideas

Chores for the cause

With everyone staying at home during this time, the house is likely to be messier than usual. Kids, if you already have a pocket money app, you can donate your daily chores to St. John. Or maybe get mum and dad to donate directly to our "Take the Strain" Coronavirus appeal, for all your efforts in keeping your home neat and tidy (and free from those pesky germs).

How to donate your chores

  1. Decide which extra chores you will do that or week with your parents
  2. For each chore add a monetary value, e.g. Hoover living room = 50p
  3. Once all the chores of your list are complete ask your parents donate the money in your name to St John Ambulance via our donate page.

Alternatively, you can get all your family involved as well

  1. Set up a JustGiving page
  2. Write a list of all the chores you are going to do that week or month
  3. Share the chore with your friends and family and ask them to donate to your page
  4. Remember to take lots of photo or video evidence of you doing the chores and even live stream some on social media.

All the money will come direct to us and you will have a very clean house!

Shhh for St John

We know that with everyone at home during the lockdown, it might be a little manic and loud. So why not do a sponsored silence for a day! You can raise money by simply being quiet and getting people to donate. You might even find that your parents, housemates and siblings, especially those who are working from home, might sponsor you to do it for longer than a day!


How to Shh for St John

  1. Pick a date and time length for your silence
  2. Set up a JustGiving page
  3. Share your JustGiving page with friends and family, asking them to donate. The more you receive the longer you will be quieter for. For example, 1 hour's silence for £100; 2 hour's silence for £150; maybe even staying silent from 9am until 5pm for £500!
  4. Set a deadline date for donations, so that people do not have to donate straight away
  5. Once the last donation comes through, work how long you need to stay quiet for and begin your silence on your chosen date
  6. Ask family members to post updates on social media about how your silence is going
  7. Contact the donor and set up a time to read to them
  8. Take lots of photos and share on social media to encourage others to take part.

The donations come directly to St John Ambulance, so you don’t have to worry about handling any cash.

Reading for rewards

Many of our friends and family will be feeling lonely at this time. Why not offer to read to them daily for a donation to St. John. You could even write your own stories and share them with others.   


How to read for rewards

  1. Create a list of books you want to read to people
  2. Set up a JustGiving page
  3. Share your JustGiving page and list of books with friends and family, asking them to donate for you to read to them (or the kids)
  4. Once the donation comes through, contact the donor and set up a time to read to them
  5. Take lots of photos and share on social media to encourage others to take part

The donations come directly to St John, so you don’t need to handle any cash!

A St John Sunday roast

Dining out might not be possible now, so why not ask friends and family to donate the "dough" they would have spend at a restaurant and host a virtual dinner party. Prepare your meal, agree a time to log on and have a great evening without the piles of washing up to do afterwards!

Tell us about your event!

If you're organising your own fundraising event or just thinking about it, we'd love to hear from you! We can provide you with support and materials. Contact us at