Virtual fundraising ideas

Shave for St John

Many of our hard-working volunteers are shaving their beards to make sure that masks are correctly fitted so they can look after patients safely. In solidarity of our amazing St John Ambulance volunteers, why not do a sponsored head, beard (or any other part) shave. Or, alternatively you could dye your hair green. Share your #ShaveForStJohn online with your friends and family, but only for a donation. Number 1 please!  

How to Shave for St John

  1. Go to the St John Ambulance Virtual Fundraising Campaign page, (it’s called ‘Take the Strain’) and set up your page by clicking here. Read our guide on how to set up an online fundraising page
  2. Share your page with your friends and tell them what day the shaving is taking place. Don’t forget to add #ShaveForStJohn
  3. Collect your donations online
  4. Do a live video on social media to allow donors to watch you shave that beard, or hair
  5. Post before and after pictures on to your donation page to help push for some final donations

All donations raised through JustGiving will get sent directly to St John Ambulance.

Spring clean

Now is the perfect time to clean out your house! Get together all the clothes, books, CD’s, games and accessories you no longer want  and sell them online to raise funds for St John Ambulance!


How to host an eBay sale

  1. Decide what items you want to sell. Make sure they are good items that people will appreciate
  2. Take some good some good quality photos, showing the item in all its glory
  3. Log in to eBay
  4. Click on ‘Sell’
  5. When listing your item, scroll to the bottom and you will see a donation section where in they can select the charity. It will ask you how much you want to donate, so select your percentage and continue on your way
  6. Once the items are sold and received, the funds will go straight to St John Ambulance.


How to host a Facebook sale

How to host a Ziffit sale

Using Facebook fundraising tools   

  • Facebook fundraiser – this is an easy way to ask your Facebook friends to join you in raising money for St John Ambulance. You can set your own target – we suggest starting at £200   
  • Donate your birthday – if it’s your birthday coming up there’s an easy way for you to ask for donations instead of gifts. Facebook will alert you two weeks before.   
  • There’s also a nifty button on Instagram where you can add a donate button to your story and select St John as your charity. 


How to set up a Facebook fundraiser

  1. Log in to your Facebook account 
  2. On the left-hand side under ‘Explore’ click ‘Fundraisers’
  3. Click ‘Select Charity’ and type "St John Ambulance"
  4. Type in St John Ambulance
  5. Follow the step by step guide, we suggest you set your target as £200 and put a 3-month end date on your page
  6. Write a compelling story, pick your picture, and then create!
  7. Share the page on Facebook and your other social media channels

The donation come directly to St John, so you don’t have to worry about handling any cash

Chores for the cause

With everyone staying at home during this time, the house is likely to be messier than usual. Kids, if you already have a pocket money app, you can donate your daily chores to St John Ambulance or maybe get mum and dad to donate directly to our ‘Take the Strain’ COVID-19 appeal for all your efforts in keeping your home neat and tidy (and free from those pesky germs).


How to raise money with your chores

  1. Decide which extra chores you will do that or week with your parents
  2. For each chore add a monetary value, e.g. Hoover living room = 50p
  3. Once all the chores of your list are complete ask your parents donate the money in your name to St John Ambulance via our donation page.

Alternatively, you can get all your family involved as well:

  1. Set up a JustGiving page 
  2. Write a list of all the chores you are going to do that week or month
  3. Share the chore with your friends and family and ask them to donate to your page
  4. Remember to take lots of photo/video evidence of you doing the chores. You could even live stream some of them on social media! Just don’t forget to get your parent’s permission first if you’re under 13.

All the money will come direct to us and you will have a very clean house!

Reading for rewards

Many of our friends and family will be feeling lonely at this time. Why not offer to read to them daily for a donation to St John. You could even write your own stories and share them with others.


How to read for rewards

  1. Create a list of books you want to read to people
  2. Set up a JustGiving page
  3. Share your JustGiving page and list of books with friends and family, asking them to donate for you to read to them (or the kids)
  4. Once the donation comes through, contact the donor and set up a time to read to them
  5. Share lots of photos on social media to encourage others to take part.

All funds raised through JustGiving get sent directly to St John Ambulance.

Shave for St John graphics

Shave for St John Facebook Insta graphic

Shave for St John Facebook Insta graphic

Download our social media graphics to show your friends and family that you're shaving for St John

Shave for St John Support Twitter graphic

Shave for St John Support Twitter graphic

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