Ask me why going Green supports our lifesavers!

To continue providing our services in your communities we need to continue training volunteers. On average it costs around £100 to fully train 1 St John volunteer. In one year this volunteer could go on to support or care for 12 people during their time of need.

“I’ve been trained by St John Ambulance to go above and beyond. I’ve been trained in first aid, control, radio comms, cycle response. Covid care. It’s my duty now to step up and use my skills to support the community in this crisis. I’m not really able to take four weeks off work at once so I’m using my annual holiday allowance, working three days a week for the company, then four days for St John. This is more important to me than having a holiday.” Jani Levanen

By joining #TeamSJA this summer and setting yourself a fundraising target of £100 means you can help make a difference to the lives of 12 people plus our volunteer!

*£7.60 is the cost of our volunteer plus the 12 people they will at minimum support in one year

Helps us celebrate St John’s iconic green colour, while raising money to train even more lifesaving volunteers.

Why the colour green?
Put simply, it’s our colour. People at events know there is medical help available when they see our volunteers dressed in green. At first aid courses, the famous green shirt is a sign to attendees that they’re in safe hands. So, using the colour as a fundraising tool makes sense.

How Going Green helps
It costs around £100 to train each St John volunteer – who will go on to support or care for 12 people during their time of need. For every £7.60* you fundraise, you will change someone’s life.

We have created the following 12 awesome ‘Go Green’ fundraising ideas – see which one best suits you!

How to get involved

1. Pick a Green fundraiser 

2. Email us to tell us you are taking part

3. Set up your JustGiving page

4. Share on Social

Click on the image below to hear why Megan chose to fundraise for St John
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Tell us about your event!

If you have your own green idea let us know by contacting us at #TeamSJA