Organise a virtual film night


  1. Choose a date and time
  2. Decide on your preferred online platform. You can also use the Netflix party app on Google Chrome to help synchronise your viewing
  3. Send out invitations to friends, family and neighbours, not forgetting to share the link to your event. Use our invitation template for extra sparkle
  4. Decide who will play the chosen movie on their screen and remember to ‘share the screen’ and check the ‘share computer audio’ box, so everyone can see and hear. The great thing is you can see everyone’s faces and everyone can chat throughout the film by using the chat function.

How to raise money

  • Don’t forget to set up a JustGiving Page and invite your guests to donate as they join in the fun!
  • Consider setting up a virtual bar and snack area. Your guests could donate to items they would normally purchase when out at the cinema – who can resist the smell of popcorn?
  • You could even make it a regular event and take it turns to choose the movie and host the event!
  • Share any photos you take with the hashtag #ShareYourSparkle


Don’t forget to share any images of the night on social media with our hashtag #ShareYourSparkle and tag St John, so we all can all see your fabulous events and celebrate together.

All fundraising can be done through JustGiving.

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For any extra questions please email our team at

Share your sparkle social media graphics

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