How to organise your virtual party

  1. Pick a date and time that suits all your colleagues - invite as many people as possible
  2. Set up your fundraising page and decide on a target - don’t forget to share your goals with your guests
  3. Set up a virtual meeting on your preferred platform. There are several to choose from:
    • Teams – or whatever platform your company uses. Probably the best option as all your office will be familiar with it
    • Zoom (40 minute limit unless you have a paid account)
    • Google Hangouts: this app is easy to use if you already have a Gmail account. Google Hangouts is free to use straight from your Google account.
    • FaceTime: If your whole group owns iPhones or Macs, try using FaceTime
    • Skype:  that can be used on multiple devices from phones to Xbox consoles. You can even call and text mobile phone numbers from Skype
    • Houseparty: perfect for small group game nights. Houseparty has a built-in feature where you can play games from Pictionary to Heads Up. Let the games begin!
  4. Decide on a theme and games. There are lots of online games you can include in your party:
    • Online boardgames
    • Classic party games like countdown or pictionary


Make sure your party sparkles

  1. Don’t forget to send out your invitations in good time: Use our template, just fill in the details of your party and send it out to your colleagues.
  2. Send a reminder to all your guests the day before the event. Download the party Zoom background and or print out our St John bunting
  3. Create a playlist with tunes to get the party started
  4. Introduce some sophistication by mixing up some cocktails or mocktails 
  5. When the big day arrives, make sure you enjoy yourself!  

How to raise money

  • Create a virtual bar: send out a menu and ask people to donate for the drink they want to make for themselves
  • Fine dining: donate the money you'd normally spend on a meal in a restaurant
  • Play games such as Head and Tails, and ask all the players to donate
  • Ask if your company will match any donations made on the night
  • Request a donation for attendance from guests
  • Don't forget to share any photos you take with the hashtag #ShareYourSparkle

All fundraising can be done through JustGiving

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Share your sparkle social media graphics

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