Take part in the St John Scavenger Hunt

Take the opportunity to get out of the house or brighten up your daily walks by challenging your family to find items on our pre-made scavenger hunts. There are two hunts to choose from - either urban or rural - depending on your location.  

You can complete the activity at your leisure or to add some extra excitement, why not make a competition out of it and encourage several families to take part in a timed hunt? 

To take part in our scavenger hunt follow these simple steps

  1. We are asking for a donation of £5 per family. Simply make your payment here (don't forget to add your name and email when making the donation)
  2. We will then contact you to find out which hunt you want
  3. We will then send you everything you need for the hunt of your choice.  
  4. Go hunting, don't forget to upload your photos on social media using #SpringIntoAction

If you would prefer you can make your own bespoke scavenger hunt, specific to your local area. To help you we have written a handy how to guide which you can find here. 

How to organise your own scavenger hunt

  1. Decide on the type of hunt you want to do and think about how you will facilitate it. Do you want people to find and photograph items from a list or would you rather the hunt was run by clues? Be as creative as you like!   
  2. Plan how your hunt will work - iit is clue based how will participants receive them (to be Covid-19 safe we would recommend avoiding leaving physical items around for people to find)?  
  3. Set up a JustGiving page, share with your friends and family and ask them to donate to the page to participate in the hunt. We recommend setting a minimum donation.  Click here for instructions on how to set up a JustGiving page.
  4. Send instructions for your hunt to those who have registered.  
  5. Encourage participants to share their progress on social media with hashtag #SpringintoAction 
  6. If your hunt is a competition keep track of participants progress on a leaderboard so you can announce the winners. 
  7. Once finished issue certificates to those who completed the hunt and let us know how everyone did at communityfundraising@sja.org.uk 
  8. Why not challenge your friends to set up their own hunt by tagging them on social media? 

Remember when planning your hunt to ensure you adhere to the current Covid-19 rules and guidelines.

Make sure your Scavenger Hunt raises lots of money

  • Share some of the St John Ambulance Real Life Stories with your friends and family so they can see why you are hosting a hunt
  • Set easy, medium and hard challenges to get more people involved
  • Maybe offer a prize to entice people to take part 
  • Let everyone know you are taking part, share your JustGiving link with your friends and family and all your social media platforms

Don't forget to share any photos you take with the hashtag #SpringIntoAction

All fundraising can be done through JustGiving

Tag St John Ambulance on social mediaFacebook   Twitter   Instagram

Social Graphics

Use the graphics on your social media accounts and let everyone know you are fundraising for St John

1. Open the image
2. Right click to save to your desktop
3. Upload to your social media accounts and use #SpringIntoAction 

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