Virtual office events

Easter Bonnet League 

Why not make your conference calls more interesting and give the kids (or you!) something to do in the evenings! Make an Easter bonnet and go head to head you’re your colleagues at every meeting. Get everyone joining in to make a donation, then wear them with pride. Share your pictures on social media and have a judge pick the ultimate bonnet of 2020. 


How to fundraise with Easter bonnets

  1. Agree a work meeting with as many colleagues as possible during the week of Easter
  2. Set up a JustGiving page and share with colleagues’ friends and family, telling them you will wear an Easter bonnet designed by someone else in your household during a meeting. Encourage your colleagues to sponsor you, or donate to take part themselves
  3. If you share a house with someone ask them, ideally a child, to create an Easter bonnet for you. If you are self-isolating them go wild and design one for your self
  4. Share pictures of the bonnet to encourage more donations, and ask other colleagues to take part as well
  5. On meeting day where your bonnet throughout the video call, sharing some photos on your fundraising page along the way.

St John's Day party

With our usual festivities unable to take place this year, we need you to help us celebrate. On 20th June, get the decorations out (or ask the kids to make some) and host a St John's Day virtual party. Ask friends and family to join in with a video chat app. Get the party started with home baking, games, music and - if you're feeling brave - a dance-off!


How to host a St John's day party

  1. Send a virtual invite to all friends and family. For more than four people we recommend Houseparty, ZoomInstagram or Facebook live
  2. Choose some friends to be hosts, and give each of them a role in the party, like music, party games, or food suggestions
  3. A could of days before the part share the playlist and menu suggestions with your friends. Check if you need anything else. Fancy dress, anyone?
  4. On event day have the host join the party around 15 minutes early, to make sure everything is ready and then wait for your guests to arrive
  5. Enjoy your party!
  6. Once everyone is logged on share the St John Ambulance donation page and encourage everyone to donate. Why not set the donation as a virtual entry fee, or donate what you would have spent on transport or new party clothes?

The team that shaves together, stays together!

Many of our hard-working volunteers are shaving their beards to make sure that masks are properly fitted, so they can look after patients. In solidarity with our amazing St John people, organise a sponsored team beard or head shave. Share the experience with friends and family to ask for donations. Number 1 please!


How to shave for St John

  1. Go to the St John Ambulance Virtual Fundraising Campaign page, (it’s called ‘Take the Strain’) and set up your page by clicking here. Read our guide on how to set up an online fundraising page
  2. Share your page with your friends and tell them what day the shaving is taking place. Don’t forget to add #ShaveForStJohn
  3. Collect your donations online
  4. Do a live video on social media to allow donors to watch you shave that beard, or hair
  5. Post before and after pictures on to your donation page to help push for some final donations.

All donations raised through JustGiving will get sent directly to St John Ambulance.

Tell us about your event!

If you're organising your own fundraising event or just thinking about it, we'd love to hear from you! We can provide you with support and materials. Contact us at communityfundraising@sja.org.uk