In September 2018 we launched our new direct response TV advert (DRTV). The advert highlighted the importance of first aid and how our volunteers work hard to save lives. It asked for viewers to make a donation to St John Ambulance – the first time we have asked for money on TV.

Taken Too Soon

The advert is called Taken Too Soon and shows three people who lost their lives because of a lack of first aid. This could have been due to choking, heart failure or a life-changing accident. It also shows a St John Ambulance volunteer helping a child who has collapsed during a football match.

The advert ends with a request for donations to help us train more volunteers in first aid and save lives before they are taken too soon.

Why have we produced a DRTV advert?

TV adverts can be a powerful fundraising tool. We hope it will help raise vital life saving funds for St John Ambulance and increase awareness of what we do.

'This advert will help us reach more people, help us raise awareness of what St John Ambulance does, and ultimately help us raise more money so we can continue to support our volunteers and do what we do best.' - Katrina Hodges, Director of Fundraising

Behind the scenes

The advert has taken months of planning, working together with a creative film production company called Campfire. It was filmed in Cheltenham at the end of July 2017, with St John Ambulance volunteers playing a key role.