Cheese rollers keep volunteers busy

First at cheese rolling event

First aiders at one of the country's most bizarre event – the annual cheese rolling competition at Cooper's Hill near Brockworth in Gloucestershire - treated fewer injuries than usual this year after persistent rain turned the event into a mudbath.

St John Ambulance Gloucestershire volunteers treated 33 people with four of those being transported to hospital with knee injuries, a dislocated shoulder and a casualty with a suspected back injury.

The remaining 29 patients were treated for a variety of minor ailments. The number of casualties was much lower than the 42 injured during last year’s event.

Twenty five first aiders, a doctor, nurse and three ambulances were on hand to treat the injured which included nine spectators.

Ann-Marie Hardy, Divisional Superintendent from St John Ambulance’s Gloucester Central Division who coordinated the first aid effort, said: 'Because it has been raining virtually non stop, it was pretty much mud all the way so people were just sliding down on their bottoms.

'This meant fewer serious injuries because the ground was so soft. All in all, it was a quiet year.' she said.

The Cheese Roll is just one of the hundreds of events in the Gloucestershire calendar that St John Ambulance supplies first aiders to so events to go ahead safely.