On standby for swine flu outbreak

Still motion shot of St John Ambulance

Swine flu currently has a high profile in the media as new cases emerge and fears of a pandemic are raised. There is categorically no pandemic at this stage but the nation’s leading first aid organisation is ready to put its well prepared national plans into action if needed to play its part in providing care.

Ambulance reserve

St John Ambulance has a standing agreement to provide national support whenever needed. In addition to their routine duties, St John Ambulance volunteers, along with other emergency organisations, are prepared to provide the necessary back up to the emergency services and local authorities.

Our volunteers around the country are well briefed and ready to respond if needed.

Harry Dymond
Chief Commissioner Operations

As part of the organisation’s plans its volunteer managers all over the country are taking the initial precautionary steps in order to ensure it meet its responsibilities in good time in the event that a pandemic is declared.

Ready to respond

Harry Dymond, Chief Commissioner Operations, said: ‘St John Ambulance is part of the ambulance reserve and we’re often needed in times of emergency such as during the snow in February when the ambulance service had increased pressure on its resources.

‘There is no pandemic at the moment and we hope it stays that way but, should it occur, local authorities and ambulance services are likely to have an increase in demand and may have some gaps left by their own staff becoming unwell. Our volunteers around the country are well briefed and ready to respond if needed.’