Top tips for staying safe in the summer sun

 Drink water to prevent dehydration

Warnings of hot weather this summer, with temperatures rising to around 32C/89F, mean it is important that we are extra careful during the sunny spells over the next few months.

Though sun-starved Britons are likely to want to go outside to enjoy the sunshine and get that long-awaited tan, it’s easy to forget how dangerous it can be. Common health risks caused by hot weather include heat exhaustion, heat stroke and sunburn, which can also lead to death.

According to health records, a four-day heatwave in 2009 which reached the same peak temperature of 32C/89F caused 300 people to die. So it really is vital to drink plenty of water and cover up in the mid-day sun.

Vulnerable people such as young children, the elderly and those with illnesses are particularly at risk from the effects of heat, so it is important to look out for friends and family as well.

To stay safe please read our top tips below on how to avoid, recognise and treat the most common health problems caused by hot weather and share what you learn with your friends.

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Top tips to avoid health risks:

  • Drink plenty of water and carry a bottle of water with you at all times
  • Keep out of the sun during the middle of the day
  • If outside, stay in the shade and cover up with a hat and loose, long-sleeved clothing
  • Turn off lights and electrical equipment where possible to avoid excess heat generation
  • Avoid extreme physical activity

Recognising and treating:

To learn how to recognise and treat common health risks caused by hot weather click on the links below: