David Wright from Oxfordshire

David Wright, 1980sSouth East‘In October 1981, while working as a driver for Coalite Chemical Company in Derbyshire, I encountered a multi-vehicle collison on the M1 motorway involving 11 vehicles.

I was a trained first aider volunteer of the St John Ambulance section within Coalite. I parked the tanker and began organising traffic control while waiting for the police and ambulance to arrive. With my first aid bag, I attended a lady with cuts and bruises.

My next casualty was a male in his HGV cab. The driver suffered lacerations to his head and neck. I controlled the bleeding and dressed his wounds and then attended another male casualty with multiple fractures. I made him as comfortable as possible, fitted a collar and strapped his head to the headrest of his vehicle to await the ambulance service personnel.

In 1982 I was awarded a meritorious service certificate from St John Ambulance and a letter of commendation from the West Riding Police.’

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