Peter Coulson from Bedfordshire

Peter Coulson, 1980sEast‘In 1985, I attended a first aid duty for an important FA Cup quarter final with 14 other volunteers. The match we were scheduled to cover was Luton vs Millwall.

The match finished with Luton winning 1-0 in an atmosphere that was heavy with a sense of impending violence. The scenes that followed were complete and utter destruction - seats were torn out of the stands, hurled on to the pitch and at police.

One policeman was caught in the centre circle and beaten on the back of the head with a concrete block. He stopped breathing but was resuscitated by another St John Ambulance volunteer.

There were 81 people injured, 31 of these police officers. Questions were asked in Parliament and the course of modern football was changed forever with risks being taken more seriously. A follow-up to this was the awarding of commendations by both the police and St John Ambulance.’

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