Why we joined

Many of us do it to give something back to the community, others use it as a stepping stone to a career in medicine or the ambulance service, another common reason is to learn something about first aid.

Some people join to expand their social circle through our social nights. There’s also the added attraction of getting to see free concerts at the Dome.

Here are some of our members' reasons:


Darren - Joined Sept 1992

As the only founder member of the division left, I am proud to now be in charge of such a dynamic and dedicated group. It was not always like that, my reason for joining was different to others but the outcome was the same. I was blackmailed in to joining St John Ambulance….well sort of, in a caring sharing way!

KevinKevin - Joined Jan 2001

I joined St John Ambulance in 1984 in my old town Crawley as a cadet. The only thing I knew about St John Ambulance was that they did first aid. At the age of 16 I moved up to the adults. I then moved to Brighton and joined Regency and helped within the division. St John Ambulance has given me confidence in what I do and a lot of knowledge and I’m able to deal with a lot of things that I thought I would not be able o.

SamSam - Joined Jan 2006

I joined St John ambulance about a year ago, and haven’t looked back since. The reason I joined is because I enjoy helping people and like to make a difference, and I like the satisfaction of seeing someone happy and grateful after you have helped them. I also had a friend in the division who had been nagging me for years to join, so he finally got his way and I did!

AllenAllen - Joined Sept 2005

I joined St John ambulance after seeing one of their members at the LGBT Jobfair in 2005 and found they were an Equal Oppurtunities employer. I was looking for an organisation that appealed to my own heart and personal beliefs. I was made very welcome at the job fair and had a detailed discussion with the division's sergeant on the stand. This alone inspired me to join this 'team'.

BernieBernie - Joined Nov 2004

Before I joined St John Ambulance I was a member of a voluntary radio group. While working with them, I gained an interest in first aid and, having no previous first aid skills I enquired to another member of the division, who was a friend of mine, about what they did on duty. It was through this friend that I decided to join, mainly to help the community but the main difference is that I was making a real change to help people in need

TonyTony - Joined June 2005

I joined St John Ambulance mainly to help people in need and to advance my skills in other areas, not just in first aid. I always had a keen interest in joining, mainly because I come from a long list of family members who have been or are members. I often heard about how fun this could be, meeting people from all walks of life and the amazing feeling you get when you have someone thanking you for the help and assistance that he had given to them. 

NikkieNikkie - Joined Aug 2004

I joined St John ambualnce in 2004 starting in Hove and Hangleton division. I joined so I could gain a better knowledge of the different first aid techniques used to treat different injuries and conditions that might save a person’s life and to gain in confidence in treating any situation I am faced with. I transferred to Regency so I could do more hands on training done on the weekly training nights. Since joining Regency I am more confident when treating members of the public when on duty and I continue to gain confidence with the support I receive from the other members of the division.

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St John ambulance has given me confidence in what I do and a lot of knowledge and I’m able to deal with a lot of things that I thought I would not be able to.

Kevin Whitaker
Sergeant, Regency Division