How to treat an injured bleeding baby

There are many situations that might lead to your baby cutting themselves as they are crawling around the home or outdoors. Make sure you know what to do if they get hurt. Read the advice below to find out how to treat your baby’s minor cuts and grazes, and more serious bleeding.

Cuts and grazes

Cuts and grazes are very common in children. A cut is when the skin is fully broken and a graze is when the top layers of skin are scraped off.

Clean the cut or grazePat the area dry and cover with sterile gauze

1. Clean any small cuts and grazes under cold water or with alcohol-free wipes.

2. Pat the area dry and cover it with a sterile gauze or a clean non-fluffy cloth, like a clean tea towel.

3. Remove the cloth or gauze and apply a sterile dressing or large plaster.

4. If you think that your baby’s cut might be infected, have something imbedded in it or it is dirty from soil, seek medical advice.

Severe bleeding

Severe bleeding is when there is blood freely flowing from a wound. Call for help quickly if your baby has severe bleeding.

Watch our video - what to do if your baby is bleeding

Remove any clothes from the area of the bleedApply a tight bandage around the dressing

1. Remove any clothes from the area your baby is bleeding from.

2. If there’s something in the wound, leave it where it is and apply pressure around the wound with a clean non-fluffy cloth, like a clean tea towel.

3. If there’s nothing in the wound, apply pressure directly to it with a sterile dressing or clean non-fluffy cloth.

4. Call for emergency help. Call 999/112.

5. Apply a tight bandage around the dressing on top of the wound. It needs to maintain pressure but not restrict circulation.

6. Treat for shock.

7. If the blood soaks through the first dressing, apply a second dressing on top. If it soaks through again remove both dressings and apply a new one.

8. Support the injured area.

9. Keep checking your baby’s breathing, pulse and whether they can respond to you, until medical help arrives.

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