What to do if toppling furniture hurts your baby

Now that your baby is crawling and exploring their world, unsecure furniture may accidentally fall on them and cause them injury. It can be very worrying to find your baby underneath a heavy object.

Make sure you first assess their injuries using the primary survey.

Severe bleeding

Severe bleeding is when there is blood freely flowing from a wound. Call for help quickly if your baby has severe bleeding.

Remove any clothes from the area of the bleedApply a tight bandage around the dressing

1. Remove any clothes from the area your baby is bleeding from.

2. If there’s something in the wound, leave it where it is and apply pressure around the wound with a clean non-fluffy cloth, like a clean tea towel.

3. If there’s nothing in the wound, apply pressure directly to it with a sterile dressing or clean non-fluffy cloth.

4. Call for emergency help. Call 999/112.

5. Apply a tight bandage around the dressing on top of the wound. It needs to maintain pressure but not restrict the circulation.

6. Treat for shock.

7. If the blood soaks through the first dressing, apply a second dressing on top. If it soaks through again remove both dressings and apply a new one.

8. Support the injured area.

9. Keep checking your baby’s breathing, pulse and whether they can respond to you, until medical help arrives.


Bones that are still growing are soft, but may split, bend or crack. If your baby looks in pain, has difficulty moving a limb, with deformity, swelling or bruising, they may have a fracture (a crack or broken bone).

Support the joints above and below the injury

1. Try to keep your baby still. Do not move them unless they are in danger.

2. Support joints above and below the injury with your hands or ask a helper to do this.

3. Call 999/112 for emergency help

4. Place padding around the injury for support

5. Monitor their breathing, their pulse and whether they can respond to you.

Head injuries

Hold something cold against the injury

1. If the injury is minor or just a bump and they are still alert, sit them on your lap and try to hold something cold, like frozen peas wrapped in a cloth, against the injury.

2. If you are worried that the injury may be more than a simple knock to the head, especially if there is an open wound or deep bruising or they are not acting normally, seek medical help.

3. Take your baby to hospital or call 999/112 if your baby:

  • • has fallen downstairs
  • • had a heavy blow to the head
  • • was knocked unresponsive
  • • is unusually drowsy following the injury
  • • has had a fit (seizure)
  • • keeps vomiting
  • • has fluid draining from their ears or nose

These may indicate that a severe injury may have occurred and your baby needs to be assessed by a healthcare professional.

4. While you’re waiting for help to arrive, keep checking your baby and whether they respond to you. If they become unresponsive and stop breathing normally then follow the steps for baby CPR.

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