Fever in babies

If your baby has a fever or high temperature it can be very worrying. Fever can be common in babies and most recover without any problems. You may notice they are hot with flushed skin but may become cold to the touch, with pale skin.

If their temperature is above 37ºC your baby has a fever.

A temperature above 38ºC is unusual in a young baby under 3 months, so seek advice quickly.

In babies of 3-6 months, seek advice if their temperature is above 39ºC . Temperatures above 39ºC may indicate that your baby has an underlying infection and may trigger a febrile convulsion (seizure).

Watch our video - what to do if your baby has a fever

What to do:

Take your baby's temperatureCall for helpMake your baby comfortable

1. Temperature: check their temperature using an electronic thermometer placed under the armpit or a digital ear thermometer.

2. Seek help: call 999/112 for emergency help or take your baby to see their GP or healthcare professional.

3. Make them comfortable: don’t overdress them or remove too much clothing.

4. Give them regular drinks: if they are breastfed, feed them regularly. If your baby is no longer breastfeeding, you can offer them water to drink. If your baby is distressed you can give them the recommended dose of paracetamol.

5. Monitor: keep checking your baby’s breathing, temperature and level of response.

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