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How to make an elevation sling

An elevation sling supports someone’s forearm and hand in a raised position, with fingertips touching their shoulder. It helps to:

• support the arm for an injured hand

• control bleeding from wounds in the forearm or hand

• reduce swelling

Elevation sling – What you need to do

• Ask them to support their bad arm with their fingers resting on the opposite shoulder.

• Put the triangular bandage over their chest, with one end over the good shoulder. Hold the point of the bandage just below their elbow.

• Then tuck the base of the bandage under their hand, forearm and elbow.

• Bring the bit that’s hanging down up diagonally across the back, to their shoulder.

• Tie the ends together in a reef knot at the hollow above their collar bone and tuck in the ends.

• Twist the tip by their elbow until it fits snugly around their elbow and tuck it in or safety pin it.

• Check their circulation in their fingers and keep checking every ten minutes. If it’s too tight, loosen the bandage and sling and tie them again.

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