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Severe allergic reaction - resources and lesson plans

An allergy is an adverse reaction to something that comes into contact with the body, called an allergen. An allergic reaction can become severe and if it's not treated quickly enough - in rare cases - can even lead to death.

Lesson overview – severe allergic reaction

This first aid lesson on severe allergic reactions will show students how to identify allergic reactions, and teach them what to do in order to treat them.

By the end of the lesson, students will:

  • • be aware of the different triggers of an allergic reaction, such as insect stings, animal hair and certain foods
  • • be able to recognise the symptoms of a severe allergic reaction
  • • know the first aid steps to treat someone suffering from a severe allergic reaction.

The lesson plan includes suggested timed activities, such as creating a flow chart of the first aid steps for treatment.

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Get more information on allergic reactions in the first aid section of our website, where you can also watch our video.

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