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Spinal injuries - resources and lesson plans

The brain and spinal cord make up the central nervous system controlling our muscles, for example breathing and sensation. Nerves cannot repair themselves and damage can result in paralysis.

Lesson overview – spinal injury

This first aid lesson plan shows students what to look out for if they think someone has had a spinal injury, and how to avoid making it worse. It also teaches students what they need to do both in situations where the casualty is responsive and unresponsive.

By the end of the lesson, students will understand:

  • • what the spine is for
  • • what might cause a spinal injury
  • • what the first aid steps are to help someone with a spinal injury.

Looking for Key Stage first aid lesson plans and resources?

We have created a range of first aid lesson plans and teaching resources for Key Stage 2, Key stage 3, and Key Stage 4. Our teaching pathways cover the new first aid requirements for health education.

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Pupil practising a head bandage.

More information

Get more information about what you need to do if someone has a spinal injury in our first aid advice.

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